Saturday, 8 May 2010

Tories retain Council

The Conservatives have retained their hold on Hammersmith Town Hall, albeit with a slightly reduced majority. The Liberal Democrats replicated their disappointing performance and failed to take a seat.

No great surprise that the Tories retained control, they had a whacking great majority going into the election but many of you I know voted LibDem and will be disappointed they didn't do better locally. One of their candidates runs a cafe in Askew Ward and would have made an excellent councillor I'm sure.

With such a dominant one party state in the Town Hall the role of the media will be really important in scrutinising decisions.

But saying that there are some excellent councillors within the Tory group on the Council too, notably people like Nick Botterill who was until the election responsible for the environment portfolio. We wish them all well I'm sure.


  1. The cafe is not in Askew ward (it's actually in Wormholt & White City!) but perhaps the LibDem owner thought she might attract more customers from Askew.

  2. Very unfortunate that they weren't able to gain any seats in the Council indeed. But there may be a much bigger lib dem power influence on government with the outcome of the GE votes... will be interesting to see how that will affect us all.