Saturday, 8 May 2010

Battle of the Bush: Shaun thanks team

Shaun Bailey, the Conservative challenger to Andy Slaughter MP, recorded this video the day before the General Election. I was sent it by his campaign team but declined to post it because I didn't think it was fair just to have it up on election day and for there not to be something equivalent for the other candidates.

I've been asked by his campaign team to post it up anyway now as a means of their saying thank-you to those people who volunteered on his campaign. And there can't be any harm in that, so here it is.

I have to say behind the scenes of the campaign in Shepherd's Bush, despite the attack ads and mud slinging that did go on, both campaign teams of Bailey and Slaughter remained completely professsional. It was a pleasure interacting with all of them, and they deserve our gratitude for being part of our democratic process locally. So thanks from all of us!

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