Wednesday, 5 May 2010

All change at QPR

A bonfire of underperforming players is in the offing at Loftus Road after a season that promised so much yet delivered a brush with relegation to League One. In fairness to the players they had to contend with the likes of Briatore coming and going and a manager that seems to have had some, well, anger management issues.

But remind yourself how much these people are paid every time you feel sorry for them, earning the average yearly wage in weeks some of their performances have been shameful. And now its time for the axe to fall on many of them.

Over the summer Neil Warnock, who clearly wants to retire as a premiership manager, will be making plans for the next campaign and I expect there to be a clutch of new cars coming and going at Loftus Road in the coming weeks and months. Surely the Bush deserves better than we got last year!


  1. Chris,

    Don't get your hopes up. Shifting players on highly paid contracts with years to run is a difficult game to play. Either way it costs you money - there is always an early pay-off. Just depends how much you can scare players into believing they will be training with the youth team for two years. Some will care - others (e.g. Winston Bogarde at Ch*lsea) won't.

    Might be able to get rid of some of the deadwood. But every player who leaves will be eating into the notional transfer budget.

    More and better views on this on QPR list on yahoo groups which is sometimes featured in AKUTRs.


  2. thanks - and all good points well made but there's also a cost of KEEPING some of the wasters that are in that team!