Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Historic Bush: A 5 part series

Last year I wrote five pieces on the history of Shepherd's Bush - not a full story but glimpses of the past from what we can see now, including places we still use and see around us. There have been a couple of requests for new readers for this sort of thing so here are the ones I've written so far

What the houses on Uxbridge Road tell us about how the Bush grew up in the 1870s

What the shop fronts tell us

A traditional fish shop - window on the past

The Passmore Edwards Library - only just closed due to Westfield but here since the 1890s

The best one - an old shop that was once endangered by a horse and cart crashing into it in 1912! - still there, mind.

And more are on the way ..

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  1. Worth having a look at this - http://www.w12newera.org.uk/memories.html - loads of old memories of the area.

    Really fascinating stuff!