Sunday, 19 July 2009

Historic Bush No3

Most of the shop fronts in Shepherds Bush, especially those in and around the Green frankly seem to merge into one another to me; they all seem to be fast food outlets or various forms of financial companies competing to get people to take out small loans at what I guess are extortionate rates.

Above the Jamaica Bank, next to a restaurant and just before the Green, is a little seen sign though. Some iron lettering that announces the building as home of London County Council, having been built in 1900. Another old wooden sign proclaims its name to be Bush Green House.

The LCC,which was a late Victorian invention for the governance of London and lasted until the mid 1960s, was not based to my knowledge in Shepherd's Bush but this building was obviously of some considerable local significance for the West London of people who lived here between the 1890s and 1960s. It looks completely derelict upstairs and is probably used to store boxes in or something, by the tenants below. Along with the demise of the Passmore Edwards library, just a couple of doors up and built 5 years earlier in 1895, it too has lost most of its former status!


  1. Another couple of of bits of Bush History:

    The author Charles Dickens helped to support a house for 'fallen women' in Lime Grove called Urania Cottage -

    The Shepherds Bush Drill Hall (Built in 1898) in Wood Lane has marks on it which look to me like shrapnel scars from the Blitz -
    While googling for pictures of it, I came across an interesting personal account which mentions the Hall in connection with the artillery unit for which it was HQ during WW2 -

    i only found your blog recently and think you're doing a great job; keep up the good work m8!

  2. I live in this building :) Those are my windows in the center :)

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