Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Battle of the Bush: Bush Boxing

Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey punched a vicar today. In a John Prescott moment Mr Bailey lashed out at the curate, who drew gasps from astonished onlookers by punching the politician right back.

Amazing what words out of context can look like! All of the above perfectly true (OK I made up the bit about astonished onlookers.) but top Tory Bailey did indeed use his fists but this time in support of Bush Youth Boxing, a new sports club aimed at young people which meets at St Simon's Church in Rockley Road.

He was joined by the local vicar, Cameron Collington, and tried out the new boxing ring and equipment (pictured above). Aimed at giving young people a positive approach to life Shaun described himself as "..a huge supporter of youth projects like Bush Youth Boxing" and said he wanted "to see more activities like this for local young people."

So there you are! Personally I'm not sure that there aren't other sports we could be advocating for young people rather than one which involves punching your opponent repeatedly in the head, but Shaun is clearly a big fan. And here in the land of Manny Pacquiao I suspect I am in the minority..

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  1. before falling for tory publicity stunts everyone should read this