Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Flying home to the Bush

I've timed this to go live so that when you're reading it I shall be around about 38,000 feet high hurtling through thin air in a metal tube propelled by four rockets, two on each side. Taking off from here in Hong Kong where I've had a stop over for a couple of days I shall go over China, central asia, Russia and then eastern Europe before adding to a bit of noise over west London prior to landing at Heathrow.

Volcanic ash permitting, of course!

I've been away for the best part of 3 weeks and tried to cover things as best I could from here. The time difference of 7 hours actually helped during election night, at the same time as everyone at home was bleary eyed in the early hours I was enjoying a leisurely morning  - but watching events last night had me up at 3am instead!

Anything major happen while I was away?

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