Thursday, 6 May 2010

Battle of the Bush: The Results

I'm 7 hours ahead of you, which has the advantage of being able to watch the results come in at a leisurely time over breakfast after a good night's sleep here in Manila!

I'll post the results as they come in - Council and Parliamentary.

So if you're like some readers of this blog and clearly suffer from severe insomnia you know the place to come!

UPDATE 0300 FRIDAY - No long queues and people being locked out in Hammersmith but there have been in Ealing up the road so there may be a legal challenge to those results.

Fulham Chronicle has been attempting top blog from the count but sadly their technical people don't seem to have quite understood that blogging means regular updates - there hasnt been an update on their site since 1235! Which is shameful since Dan Hodges has spent the night at the count instead of in bed!

0320 - Tweets from Hammersmith count indicate that Andy Slaughter has retained the seat. Unconfirmed but indications on the count are that Labour has won the Battle of the Bush. Result now expected at 0400.

0325 - the Chronicle blog, which you can follow here, carries a statement from LibDem Merlene Emerson who is not only admitting a lack of progress but talking more about her other campaign to win a seat on Richmond Council. She can't "count chickens yet" she says. Not a great idea to run a part time campaign in either area I would have thought.

0355 - Stacks of votes now looking higher in Slaughter's favour but speaking to Dan Hodges he is taking nothing for granted. It's taking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages for the result to come in!

0410 - Result now expected in Hammersmith in 20 minutes according to the Chronicle's man at the Count. What this means is that they now know the result and the candidates have been taken behind the curtain to be told and given a chance to compose themselves and make the finishing touches to their speeches. The Battle of the Bush is about to become clear...

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  1. wait... you're seven hours in the future?!

    i know where i'll be coming for breaking news, then