Monday, 7 June 2010

RMT set for new Tube strike

Our favourite football hooligan Bob Crow, member of the Communist Party and spread-leg tube seat specialist, has announced another vote in favour of strike action by his union. Hoping to carry on a long tradition of the RMT spoiling everyone else's summer Mr Crow is adamant that the problems arising out of private firms being taken over by TfL will not impact on his members' pay rises. He recently called for a "decent pay increase" this year.

As everyone else prepares for the cuts, it seems Bob Crow regards the rest of us as fair game to avoid any of the pain himself.

Bushers should remember that the Overground does not get affected by Tube strikes, and is a very useful way of getting to the right part of London from where you can get a bus into whichever part of central London you need to get to, north or south.

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