Thursday, 17 June 2010

New arrest today in Jaabe Roberts Askew Road murder case

The Police have just announced that at around 15.15hrs today a 44 year old man was arrested in Fulham connection with the investigation into the murder of Jaabe Roberts on Askew Road, and taken to a west London police station where he remains in custody at the moment. The Police have only just released this news so again this is a breaking story and I'll update as and when

This of course follows the last rather dramatic arrest of a man in a caravan site of all places in West Sussex. He was taken back to London and questioned but has since been released with no further action.

And on On 15 June another man was arrested in Battersea in connection with the investigation and taken to a south London police station. He was later bailed to return in August pending further inquiries.

Jaabe was stabbed through the heart, once, and lay in the street until he was found. I've personally been taken aback by the outpourings that have gone on in response on this blog and elsewhere. If anyone is in any doubt that the people of Askew and Shepherd's Bush more widely are shocked and worried - and angry - then they should take the time to read the 40 + comments on this post. What we actually do about it is another question, and while we're all still coming to terms with what's hapenned, it's also for another day.


  1. everyone knows who killed jabbe roberts.

  2. the police have a job to do let them do it!!
    if ya know something then say it if not then shut it!!