Monday, 14 February 2011

Shepherd's Bush Market: Drop in to see plans

Residents are now being notified by leaflet about the second phase of the market (update) on the planning application being prepared to regenerate Shepherd's Bush Market. As with the previous consultation, Orion have imposed a 100 metre cut off - in other words, if you live more than 100 metres from the Market they don't much care what you think and won't invite you. I thought I would let you know despite them.

In fact thanks to the resident who passed me this information otherwise I'd be none the wiser - see the power of the blog?

The essence of the leaflet is that you will be able to:
  • See designs and images of the proposed floor plan
  • View a large scale model of the scheme
  • Provide feedback on specific options for design of homes within the market area
  • Speak to the Orion SBL development team and project architects.
The event is at the Old Shepherds Bush Library (now Bush Theatre)

 Drop in dates are:
  • Thursday 17 Feb 1-7pm
  • Friday 18 Feb 1-7pm
  • Saturday 19 Feb 11am - 4pm
Join them between 5pm and 7pm Thursday and Friday nights for drinks and food from local venues - and feel free to say you heard about it from the Shepherd's Bush Blog and berate them for not telling many people about it.


  1. Has anyone else been ripped off by Rocky at GW bespoke framers on Askew Road? He has closed up shop without paying his rent and taken everything in the shop. This includes taking some very personal pictures that we had paid him to frame. Sounds like theft to me.

    Anyone else been affected by this?

    Anyone know where I can get hold of Rocky - I need out pictures back...

  2. Chris,

    Please could you delete my comment above? Has all been sorted and unfair to leave it up...


  3. I have been to see the model of the proposed "redeveloment" on the old laundry site and frankly, all the stuff that residents were 'shouty' about at previous meetings ie height of development on Goldhawk Rd up to Pennard Mansions, 7 storey flats, 270 of them, despite constant arguments that they had "no idea" how many and would not confirm rumours of 300 ish, row of houses (the mews) facing onto the rear of Pennard Road homes within 6 metres, and so on. You should go and have a look. How many more people do we need crammed into this area. Plus no info on how they propose to manage the construction traffic etc REMEMBER WESTFIELD
    Some may approve of course!
    Oh yes, and 40 parking spaces?