Monday, 7 February 2011

BBC Politics Show on H&F Cuts

You can watch the political battle raging in our borough here as Labour Leader Stephen Cowan took on Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh over the forthcoming cuts to the authority's suite of buildings - and therefore many of the services that are housed by them. (forward to 46 minutes)

I have to say Cllr Greenhalgh comes across as quite reasoned and reasonable in this piece, while Cllr Cowan might have done better to focus on one or two things rather than the scatter gun approach he did take - but either way the political battle lines are drawn and are set to be repeated in tonight's set piece battle in the Town Hall.

Which won't really be a battle at all, but a piece of theatre involving a protest at the gates. The cuts are on their way - the only question is how they affect the most vulnerable in our society.

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  1. I think we may have been watching different programmes because my recollection is that Greehalgh looked shifty and uncomfortable and he stonewalled Cowan's questions. There's an old saying in film and television: "the camera never lies". Greenahlgh repeated his high-handed behaviour last night at the cabinet meeting. At times I thought I was living in Francoist Spain, not Hammersmith