Friday, 11 February 2011

Fitness First Shepherd's Bush: The Mould Report

Fearless reporter Chris Underwood today brings us these pictures of the entrance to the male showers this morning at Fitness First Shepherd's Bush. The smell inside this room is sometimes stifling and that's partly down to the mould infested ceilings.

If you make it under that hazard into the cubicles themselves, you'll find soap dispensers cracked off the walls and quite possibly no hot water. Just what you wanted after a weights session you've had to adapt because some of the weights themselves have been left all over the gym from the previous night.


  1. Awful. Why don't you move to another gym?


  2. totally agree re fitness first - absolute dump

    by the way - spoke to a builder outside the rat and carrot this morning, its going to be a tescos. not sure if this is old news

    keep up the good work