Monday, 14 February 2011

Shepherd's Bush Tube on BBC tonight

Watch the preview here. The BBC will be featuring a programme this evening at 1930 on BBC 1 on the £64 million Transport for London wasted on looking at whether they could do what they should have done to start with and build in disabled access when they built the new Shepherd's bush tube.

£64 million in the pockets of consultants later, the Mayor recently told me it was too expensive and he had other priorities. Shameful.

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  1. I asked the main PR officer for the engineer firm about this when they were first starting the work. She said it could not be done! That the space availble underground was insufficent for anymore escalators or even a lift. I asked her why they could not use some of the space dedicated for the lobby or entrance. She said they did not own the land below that it was owned by thames water. I asked her to show me the evidence. They promised to send it to me and never did, I followed up but they never responded.