Thursday, 24 February 2011

David Cameron, Boris Johnson in Hammersmith on Saturday

David Cameron at a "Cameron Direct" event in Hammersmith, January 2010

One of the Borough's worst kept political secrets ceased to be a secret today as it was leaked that the Prime Minister will be joined by London Mayor Boris Johnson to launch Boris' campaign for re-election to City Hall. It isn't the first time either the Prime Minister or Boris has been down our way and it won't be the last given the closeness of Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh to both men.

The problem for the Conservatives, however, is timing. And as any politician will tell you, timing really matters.

So to launch Boris Johnson's campaign in the same venue just days after £200 million was cut from local services, and also just days since his claim to have increased police numbers was branded a "barefaced lie", it doesn't quite add up to quite the ambience that I think the boys in blue rosettes really had in mind.

And as you'd expect Labour are keen to put the boot in and make it even worse for poor old Boris by organising a demonstration outside the Town Hall at 0930 on Saturday morning. So expect lots of noise and banging of drums down King Street way if you're thinking of getting a head start on yer weekend shopping.

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