Friday, 4 February 2011

Egyptian centre in Shepherd's Bush centre of attention

Bloemfontein Road W12 was the centre of a media frenzy yesterday as media from across the UK and further afield came to hear what Bush resident and chair of the UK Egyptian Association Mostafa Ragab had to say about current events in the country.

The Egyptian community is an integral part of Shepherd's Bush and make a significant contribution to our part of London. My recent interview with the owner of King Solomon's restaurant is evidence enough of that. Mohammed has been here since the mid 1970s and can tell you in detail about how the Bush has developed since then.

According to the BBC Mr Ragab says Bush based Egyptians are:

.."so stressed. They want to know how they can help.
"People don't sleep. Don't work. One doctor rang me, told me he couldn't go to work, was just sitting in front of the TV, 24 hours a day."

So spare a thought for those in the Bush who are watching what appears to be an increasingly violent revolution take place in their homelands. Along with the other parts of the Arab community, particularly the Lebanese, here in W12 these are historic and deeply worrying times.

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