Thursday, 10 February 2011

Walkabout Shepherd's Bush applies for 2am license

Rowdy drunken Australians are a feature of the Bush but the bar that produces them wants more. Many, many more in fact it wants to fill them with booze till 2am on fridays and saturdays and even till past midnight on Sundays so that the residents of the surrounding roads get to hear them in the early hours as they stumble home with their customary shouting and vomiting.

Local media has reported this story quoting only Walkabout themselves which tells it's own story - so here's the voice of the Bush starting with one group of Bush residents, the Macfarlane Residents Association, who are implacably opposed with Chairwoman Vivienne James saying:
"Alcohol has long been a problem in the area and any plan that involves extending the period of consumption in this neck of the woods is wholly and totally opposed on the grounds of noise and disturbance, residents’ safety and the possible corollary of other premises seeking to extend their hours as well."
Anyone else wanting to object need to contact the Council using this email address by March 4th quoting Planning Application Number 2011/00105/VAR

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  1. Londis of 20 Goldhawk Road is also applying for an Off Sales Licence for sale of alsohol to be extended to 2am nightly - which I think would make it the latest operating off licence around the Bush. The Londis franchised operator already has an off sales licence from 11am to 11pm.
    If we are to encourage LBHF Council to introduce a Cumulative Impact Policy (saturation zone) for sale of alcohol, then this application would set a bad precedent if successful.
    Objections to the Londis application by 15th Feb to