Monday, 7 February 2011

"Hundreds" expected at protest outside Hammersmith Town Hall

Tonight will see what Andy Slaughter MP hopes will be a large protest involving "hundreds" of local residents who want to oppose the cuts that the Council will push through anyway at this evening's meeting of the Cabinet.

The protest, starting at 6pm outside the Town Hall on King Street, has been organised over the fate of local buildings that the Council is determined to sell off, including Shepherd's Bush Village Hall and Palingswick House in Hammersmith, both of whom house numerous local voluntary groups serving the most vulnerable in our society. Particular ire has been reserved for the West London Free School which the Council has now admitted, after months of denials and non-commentary, to be housed in Palingswick House after a spell in Shepherd's Bush.

Andy Slaughter says he hopes this will be one of the "biggest rallies this Council has ever seen" - we'll wait and see about that but either way the face of Hammersmith & Fulham is set to be changed forever by the decisions that are already a foregone conclusion whether the rally takes place or not - the buildings are going and so are many of the services currently housed within them. Welcome to the new H&F, folks.


  1. Slaughter left the council with a huge debt mountain from when he was in charge. Expect more pompous rhetoric from the grandstanding hypocrite that he is so patently is.

  2. oh and the way to reduce the debt is to cut services to the vulnerable:
    i.e disabled, children and the elderly?????????