Thursday, 24 February 2011

How blogging works: BBC London report on H&F

Two blogs, mine and another in south London led the BBC news in London today. Sounds very trumpet blowing but actually it's a statement of fact. The budget cuts meeting that took place in H&F and that I reported on here was not attended by BBC London, because in their own age of cuts, they just couldn't spare the resources and sent reporters to Lambeth instead.

So my report was picked up instead the next day, complete with pictures I took being used. Apparently they even picked up and asked Council Leader Greenhalgh about the fact I'd noted his use of the word "scalpel" which he prefers to "axe" when it comes to the cuts!

So why do I say this? To illustrate the way the media is going, basically. The big broadcasters can't possibly hope to cover everything so they use bloggers instead. And actually that's no bad thing. It's also, of course, how we all met Nathan the security guard from Westfield who tried to manhandle a bunch of middle aged female librarians into the street!

The vast majority of stories that appear on here come from readers - keep them coming, people.

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