Wednesday, 9 February 2011

H&F cuts argued over at Prime Minister's Questions

David Cameron had our Council's cuts to Sure Start and community centres thrown at him by Labour Leader Ed Miliband at Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons this afternoon. Referring to our Council as the Prime Minister's "favourite" he used the example of this week's fiery meeting at which the fate of many of those services was sealed to illustrate what he said was the end of the "Big Society".

The Prime Minister ignored the reference to Hammersmith & Fulham but said that his government was having to clear up the mess that Labour had left behind, and that they had actually increased funding for Sure Start. He also said he saw "no reason" why libraries would close.

The fact that both things are now threatened in H&F means it's likely that our Council's centre-stage place in the national debate is likely to carry on for some time to come.

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