Wednesday, 2 February 2011

1,095 crimes in December for Shepherd's Bush

1,095 Shepherd's Bush crimes in December included 165 violent assaults,75 burglaries and 32 robberies while hundreds more were also committed but categorised as "anti social behaviour" (English translation - gangs and drunks) or car break-ins.

Thousands of violent and other crimes have been plotted on a digital map which residents can zoom in on at will using the new Metropolitan Police Service website

It makes pretty scary viewing and is confirmation of the rising crime levels in the Bush, charecterised by some high profile incidents in the last 12 months culminating in the murder of Jaabe Roberts on the Askew Road. That incident, which took place in a well known crack house above the old furniture shop and carried out by a well known drug addict who was named by many of you on this blog before he was arrested, sums up the problem facing the Bush today - drugs.

I frequently walk past people on the Uxbridge Road openly smoking joints and not even trying to hide the smell of it, and the police seem completely overwhelmed by the scale of the problem. That's why the safer neighbourhood teams were such a good idea and in fairness to our Council were boosted by Cllr Greg Smith who has made it his business to get on top of criminals where he can. But he isn't helped by Mayor Boris Johnson who is now busily slashing police numbers which will undermine these efforts.

The forthcoming Crime Summit at Hammersmith Town Hall will no doubt hear fine words from Police Commanders and Councillors alike, but these stats speak far louder. You may wish to bear this in mind at the next Mayoral elections in 2012 as Boris attempts to bluster his way through.


  1. I can't believe that the safer neighbourhood teams are being targeted. Apparently the Sergeants are managers and so reducing these is being trumpeted as slashing bureaucracy!

  2. I understood that the 2011 summit is at Chelsea
    Date: Saturday 5 March, 2011
    Time: 10am – 2:30pm
    (Registration from 9:30am)

    Chelsea Football Club
    Stamford Bridge
    Fulham Road
    London, SW6 1HS
    West Stand, Millennium Reception

    Hope that is correct