Thursday, 18 November 2010

Shepherd's Bush Market: Developers exclude residents

Unless you live 100 metres from the Market you don't have a voice that's worth listening to as far as the future of our Market is concerned. Welcome to life in the world of property developers Orion who have posted the letter below through people's letter boxes about the future of the Market. If you live further than 100 metres all you get is the chance of a "drop-in" show.

You'll recall that the existing traders and those that inhabit the Victorian row of shops set to be demolished adjacent on Goldhawk Road are implacably opposed to the plans. You'll also recall that our Council has now agreed to a public meeting about them on December 1st - but this is after the decisions have been made

I've written to Orion asking them to justify the effective exclusion of Shepherd's Bush from debate on the centre piece of our area and will publish any response I get here. In fairness to the Council I do know that some discussions at least are set to be had with traders away from the spotlight but now that Orion seem to be in charge you've got to have your doubts about how far they can get.

Meanwhile the traders and their allies are preparing for possible legal action, so we seem to be headed for the Courts again, and not for the first time with this Council.

Or Ion 021

Orion held the first of two meetings with the traders and residents last night, and speaking on the traders facebook campaign page one of them, David Wilson, had this to say about the meeting:

"The first Orion meeting took place tonight - for the traders. They tried to present a friendly face to the traders, "we have no specific proposal, we want to talk to you to ensure we work together to improve the market". Very magnanimous. Didn't mention the 'hundreds of new homes' they will be building on the sight questioned directly. Told us that the development will be funded by the new homes , but didn't know how many they would build (seems unlikely that they wouldn't know roughly what the development will cost and thus how many homes above the market premises etc would cover the cost and no doubt deliver a profit). They plan to build a second 'lane' for market stalls to join the existing lane. This means creating a second entrance on the Goldhawk road, either through at least number 30 or at the other end through at least number 52 - oh and Pennard Mansions as well. Not very satisfactory."

And here's another leaflet from our Council about the scheme, with a Q&A section at the back advertising the next public meeting on December 1st. Interested that they say 30-52 Goldhawk Road shops could remain with "the same frontage" - which seems at odds with what Orion have told tenants privately - that they have to move to make way for an entrance. With thanks to Bee in the Bush for this leaflet.

Shepherd's Bush Market and Theatre Regeneration

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