Monday, 6 September 2010

Shepherd's Bush: Bikes stolen and "moronic walkers"

Bushers are regarded as "morons" by this cyclist, writing on the cycling Woollen Typist blog. Describing some less than intelligent Bushers, he says this:

"whilst cycling along the Uxbridge Road to Shepherd's Bush...I noticed many people to be randomly walking in the road/bus/cycle lanes...

What the hell? You're cycling up to them and about to knock them over and they still won't budge...they'll either stand there, right in the middle of your path, or they'll continue to walk straight towards you!
Is a bicycle any different to another moving vehicle? Can a bike magically diffuse through them or not cause any damage on impact?
Was the pavement too congested for the likes of many?
People are strange...and this was a strange 'trend' I spotted today...let's call it moronic walking for the sake of argument!"

I must say I've never noticed this to be the case, and if anything its the cyclists themselves who seem to be regarded as the menace round these 'ere parts, with even the local police deciding to get tough and issue tickets to those riding dangerously. I've always found the way that cyclists are regarded with such hostility by the locals of W12 a bit odd, but if this is the sort of attitude they have towards the rest of us it begins to make a little more sense!

On the same blog post he goes on to describe how someone came back to their bike in Shepherd's Bush only to find it had been stolen, so more power to the local police who have invented some innovative ways of catching those there bike rustlers..


  1. Uxbridge Road is not normally too bad. The West End is where its at if you want moronic walkers.

    Its not just cyclists they mess with, it must be a nightmare trying to drive a bus round London.

  2. I commute by bike from W12 to Victoria and I actually agree, there do seem to be lots of zombie pedestrians on Uxbridge Road (same as in Knightsbridge).

    I also agree that a fair amount of cyclists behave like hooligans (but same goes for car drivers, pedestrians, ...)

  3. Chris,

    Think your views are a bit skewed from that residents meeting. The views expressed there are probably fairly typical of views across London.

    Having lived in the bush for most of my 34 years, attitudes and facilities are probably a bit better than the rest of London in my experience.

    The Labour council in the 80s/early 90s made a decent effort with cycle lanes in a few places which has meant although still quite poor, the borough is better than some for cycle lanes.

    The western extension of the c charge has led to a particular growth in cycling in the area. I wonder if this will continue after christmas when it goes...?


  4. press the reset button to 1950