Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Londoners vs. RMT

I was reminded of 7th July 2005 last night, as thousands of us all got earlier tubes home and in my case caught the central line back to W12 from the centre. At only 4pm people were packed into the station to get home before the strike began, and once again exhibiting the sort of coming together that Londoners always do. I saw pushchairs carried by complete strangers, a blind person being given directions and even a packed platform making way for a woman who was so pregnant she looked like she belonged in a delivery unit!

I saw exactly the same sort of thing on July 7th and here in the Bush on July 21st. This time no-one's died and it's nowhere near as serious as those attacks but the way in which Londoners come together against our common enemies is one of the reasons why I love living here.

Good luck today - and remember that the Overground is working normally. Get more tips here.

0830 UPDATE: I had a last minute change of heart and cycled to work today ... a truly stunning ride along the Thames Path on the other side of Hammersmith Bridge, complete with mist wafting off the river and shards of morning sunlight cutting through the grey. It only took 10 minutes longer than the tube and that was only because I stopped to work out the way a couple of times in Wandsworth on my way to Stockwell where I work. Highly recommended - and two fat fingers to fat cat Bob Crow!

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  1. And what a surprise today, the day following the strike: Circle Line suspended, District and H&C Lines severe delays. All down to signal failure.