Monday, 20 September 2010

Bush Blog at LibDem conference

Morning Bushers, and on that subject - mornings, that is, how about this for an image I captured on Uxbridge Road at dawn last week? You get to see a totally different Bush at 0530-0600. The bakery is open and crowds of people visit that, the Masjid Mosque and some cafes. Then through the mists of the morning you see on the one hand graffiti removal men with the most powerful water sprays known to mankind, mingle with late night drinkers stumbling their merry way up the road.

Anyway - this week I shall be here in Liverpool from where I write. I'm here for work of course rather than the blog but I suspect I may well come across some old favourites, such as Merlene Emerson and perhaps one or two of the candidates that asked for our votes in the council elections that took place on the same day as the election. I certainly hope to.

Nick Clegg of course had something of a disastrous introduction to Shepherd's Bush only the other week, turning up for a photo call at Shepherd's Bush Village Hall - and not having been told that his Conservative allies were busy flogging it off - here's the vid if you havent seen it before.

Anything you'd like me to put to Merlene or her colleagues?

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