Friday, 10 September 2010

Sikh Shepherd's Bush

An interesting blog post from the Punjab Heritage News site, which gives a glimpse of an otherwise unknown corner of the Bush. 79 Sinclair Road apparently became a major new centre for the Sikh community as it grew in Britain following the ravages of the second world war and the wave of immigration that followed from south asia.

Sinclair Road lies just outside the administrative boundary of H&F but to those that are there they think of themselves as Bushers too, they're just on the other side of the Holland Park roundabout. And they are all part of the rich tapestry that makes up the Uxbridge, Goldhawk and Askew Roads. So think of that next time you see a man in a turban!


  1. Chris, Sinclair Rd is within LBHF, the bounday follows the railway line......Iain Muir

  2. I think it is just sikhining