Saturday, 11 September 2010

planes in "near miss" over London

This has to be a west London taboo. Something we've all thought about as we watch the silver birds stack up into Heathrow but no-one ever talks about. Earlier this year apparently the nightmare sceanrio almost came true over Hackney but it could just as well have been anywhere on the flight path. New runway anyone?

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  1. Not only did I think about it, my sister and I used to have reoccuring dreams about it as the house we grew up in was directly under the path in Hounslow. If, like me, you've ever seen the 'documentary' 'The Day Britain Stoped' - you might feel it WILL happen one day. The one off programme, which aired in 2003, was a fictional documentary about a series of events that bought Britain to a halt, culminating in a mid air collision over Hounslow.