Friday, 10 September 2010

Do you receive the Fulham Chronicle?

I don't. Or I do sometimes. But not this week or the last few. Ever since the disappearance of their campaign, whcih I urged you to support, against the Town Hall Pravda as even the Conservative Government calls 'H&F News', the Chronicle have claimed a circulation of over 70,000.

I hope its at least close to that but it can't really be if people are still not getting copies of the paper delivered. Do you get it? In the face of the constant Council propaganda we need a free and independent press more than ever in the Bush.

As if to illustrate the point H&F News has just landed on my doormat telling me that H&F will have the first "Free School" in the UK, and presenting it as unambiguously a thoroughly good thing. Which it might be, I don't know. But I do know that many people have very strong opinons on both sides. But you'll only ever read the Council's in their paper.


  1. We also have a website with the same content as the paper....... Sometimes more in fact....

  2. Hello Chris,

    My name is Sade Banks and I am an Apprentice at The Bush Theatre.

    As a part of our Autumn season, The Bush will be presenting two new plays, 'The Knowledge' and 'Little Platoons', that explore the education system in Britain -

    The second play, 'Little Platoons' by Steve Waters, focuses on schooling in West London and explores the controversial issue of free schools.

    Playwright, Steve Waters and Director, Nathan Curry are very interested in speaking to teachers and parents from schools in the local area and will be holding an informal meeting/group discussion on Tuesday 21st September. At this stage we are planning to hold the meeting at around 5pm.

    We are keen to hear a range of views about education in West London with a particular focus on the academy and free school programmes and how these may impact your school.

    From reader your blog, it would seem that you have very interesting views on the education system as a whole and I would love for you to come along.

    I encourage any teacher/parent who wishes to discuss this proposal further to contact me at the Bush Theatre on 0208 743 3584.

    With best wishes
    Sade Banks