Friday, 24 September 2010

Ken Livingstone is Labour candidate

The western congestion charge zone, which has yet to disappear despite its end being promised by Boris might yet stay in place if Ken wins the election in 2012.

Andy Slaughter supported Ken in the selection and he is very popular with the Labour party in H&F, so watch that space to see lots of local Ken-ning to come!

1045 UPDATE: Oona King has just issued this statment to her supporters:

I have been overwhelmed by the support that came my way in these few short months. A huge number of people – over 500 volunteers alone - worked their socks off for me, and I shall always be grateful.
Now we must turn our attention to the real fight; the wasted mayoralty and lack of vision of Boris Johnson. Ken Livingstone is a formidable politician who has never given up the fight. I am sure he will battle for London as he always has and we must give him our support as he does so
The Labour Party should never be afraid of a bit of democracy. We have had a lively summer debating ideas, but this contest is now over. I am proud of the campaign that we have fought together - we have shown that to win in 2012 our Party must have a clear and compelling vision for London’s future – about what happens next in the greatest capital city in the world. We must listen and learn from our defeats and we must re-engage and renew.
A couple of Sundays ago Ken and I turned up at TV studios for a debate, and we both had our kids in tow. Ken’s son and my son played with a computer game together, while Ken’s daughter was happy to read to my daughter. They looked very sweet and taught their parents a lesson about harmony. It’s not about the Political differences of opinion between their parents that matters, it’s the fact that both care passionately and agree that the London they’ll inhabit in the future should be a fairer, safer, more prosperous place.
So, we are united again as Team Labour. All of us must do our best to make sure Ken Livingstone is the next Mayor of London. And no one wants to see Ken defeat Boris Johnson more than I do. He can count on my wholehearted support and I hope he can count on yours too.
Thank you again. The fight to change London for good will go on.

0035 SATURDAY UPDATE - Ken has just released this statement to supporters:

Today’s decision by London Labour members and affiliates signals the start of a campaign to change London for the better and to protect Londoners from the cuts of this government that threaten to wreck lives and push us back into recession.
So, it is now that the real fight begins, to get the Tory Mayor, Boris Johnson out of City Hall and to get Labour back in.
I have said from the start of this campaign that I want to be Mayor for one over-riding reason: to protect Londoners from the effects of the economic uncertainty and government cuts. If elected I will use every lever available to get the most for London. I will put London and Londoners first and campaign with you against these devastating cuts and the effects they will have on all of our lives but particularly the most vulnerable.
The choice between me and Boris Johnson could not be clearer.This Mayor does not stand up Londoners. He knew the impact a Conservative-led government would have in devastating Londoners’ services, pay and jobs but he fought for them to be elected anyway. Now he is trying to pretend that he stands up for London. But the government’s cuts are his cuts. Even before this government was elected this Mayor made cuts: 455 police officers in London axed; breaking his promise on tube ticket office opening hours; putting fares up by a third while protecting the polluter.
I pledge to defend Londoners. I will ensure fares are lower than they would be if Boris Johnson were re-elected. I will campaign against the cuts and privatisations that will worsen our quality of life.
The London election in 2012 will be the chance to send a message to David Cameron and George Osborne that we don’t want devastating cuts to our public services, fewer jobs, and declining living standards. If you want them out, first vote Boris out.

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