Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Loss of Water in the Bush?

Thames Water has had another water pipe burst in Twickenham and some other outlets are reporting that water supplies have been hit in Shepherd's Bush. I have to say this wasn't the case with me this morning, any of you?

1415 UPDATE: It seems it has affected some of us, judging by the comments. Here's the latest from Thames Water's Twitter feed on the issue: TW8 burst: digging up High St, Brentford, to fix broken pipe. 4 water mains under rd & other pipes, cables. Not easy job

One of you rightly points out that this is hardly the first time, so I have just sent this email to their Customer Services Dep't:

I write, the Shepherd's Bush Blog, and a copy of this email has been posted on there as will any reply I receive be.
As you'll be aware our area has now been hit with water outages twice in the last few weeks. Could you confirm what, if any, compensation arrangements might be in place for customers?
Many thanks
Chris Underwood

1500 UPDATE - Thames Water say the water is back on. On their website they've just posted this update:

Wed 8 September, 3pm
Water supplies have now been restored to customers in W and TW postal areas following a burst water main this morning.
Pressures will continue to build over the next few hours.
Customers who are experiencing water supply issues should call us on 0845 9200 800. Lines are open 24 hours a day.
We're sorry for the inconvenience caused

Note - nothing about compensation or money off our bills. Yet ...

UPDATE 1615 - Thames Water have given an extraordinary quote to the BBC, basically saying fingers up to our customers:

"We understand the customers' frustration if a pipe keeps bursting and apologise to customers," he said.
He said replacing the pipe was "being considered" but he could not confirm it definitely would be replaced.

"Being considered" - how awfully nice of them.


  1. We had absolutely no water this morning - unlike the previous time a few weeks ago when we did at least have a trickle. Not very pleasant.

  2. I had no water on the upper floors. Just about managed to scrape a bath downstairs. They're doing this to us every couple of weeks now - has there been any talk of compensation?

  3. This is the third time in two months, Chris, not the second. You missed on when you were on holiday.

  4. wow - even worse! will share response if/when I get one

  5. The Utility companies have treated West London with total contempt, bringing the area to a standstill on occasion with their continuous works. Yes it needed doing, but they should have paid out for it to be worked on properly, not short staffed, all to increase their precious shareholder profits.

  6. their management needs to be watered down