Tuesday, 21 September 2010

H&F Council defrauded of £90,000 - trial

Two pensioners are on trial for allegedly defrauding our council of £90,000, in a case that will have to decide whether or not they are in a relationship! Graham Young, 67 and Oriol Bowden, 70, are accused of carrying out the scam in Hammersmith.

Bowden is alleged to have bought a house in Hammersmith, where Young had already moved in as a lodger after the breakdown of his marriage.
Young was receiving a number of benefits, including housing benefit, council tax and pension credits, which he paid to Bowden as his landlady.
However, Bowden bought the house and started receiving the benefits and the pair are now accused of benefit fraud. More details here.

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  1. how many immigrants living over here have been doing this scam for over 30 yrs