Monday, 12 July 2010

UFO's sighted over Westfield!

A UFO has been reported by eagle eyed locals on the "UK UFO Sightings" website. A startled sky scanner, Adem Mesic, says this:

"I was in my garden when i saw something in the sky first i saw 2 both of them were travelling close and they had 3 circle lights underneath them and a grey circle round them and then as they were flying they changed to the colour green/blue and then roughly 1 minute later another 2 came from the same direction and travelling to the same direction these were bright orange and one flew and turned green/blue and the other was flying with a little orange dot and then just turned off and flew off the same thing happened after they flew off the next one that came was on its on and was very low and then just flew off and dissappeared can someone investigate and let me know what this is????"

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