Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Police helicopter over the Bush

At about 2045 last night a Police helicopter hovered over the Askew Road/Old Oak Road junction for about 10 to 15 minutes. The aircraft was very low which made a very loud noise, which in turn drew a large number of people out of their homes to watch.

The helicopter seemed to swerve away a couple of times but mainly just hovered in the same place, and eventually some sirens appeared to congregate in or around the area.

I know many of you also saw this and I've just asked the local police press office for some info about what it was all about. Given the events of recent weeks it's natural that people should be worried it represents another serious incident in our area but as soon as I know for sure I'll pass it on.

1300 UPDATE: The helicopter was apparently part of "operation bumblebee" which is an anti burglary initiative, so no need to worry about something more serious. The last time we had a helicopter like that was the murder of Jaabe Roberts - this time something a bit more mundane. Which is great.


  1. I presume they were not just flying around for the fun of it.....There were quite a few sirens as well and the helicoptor spent a lot of time between Old Oak Rd and Acton Park. A few police cars lurking in the area today as well. I hope they catch whoever they are looking for!
    Iain Muir

  2. There were lots and lots of sirens as well. I assumed something serious was occuring. I don't really buy the anti burgalry initiative. Isnt it cheaper and more of a deterrent to send coppers out on the beat???

  3. reading between the lines I think the police have told us all they can - my assumption is that they were tracking an actual burglar or suspected burglar - otherwise why spend all that fuel and wake all those babies up by hoverng in the same place for 20 minutes?!