Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Shepherd's Bush roads slammed by cyclists

A militant cyclists group, who ride under the flag of a blog called "crap cycling & walking in Waltham Forest" has featured one of our very own blackspots, the A402 around the Green.

Shepherd's Bush seems to be a parallel universe when it comes to all things two wheeled - wheras the sport is routinely praised for being green and healthy everywhere else, everytime you go to a public meeting here its the dangerous cyclists that get it in the neck from angry pedestrians! Even the local Police announced special measures to "ticket" (which I assume means fining) cyclists riding dangerously last year.

And after a cyclist was tragically killed near where I work I wrote this piece which provoked a reaction from cyclists and drivers alike, most of whom simply expressed concern about the risks of riding on some of our roads. I have to say I'm amazed no-one has been injured on this stretch of road before now.

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  1. Chris,

    There have been. Check here: