Sunday, 11 July 2010

Thames Water dig up Uxbridge Road

Yes I know I'm a bit late with this one but Thames Water dug up the main road through the Bush yesterday resulting in traffic jams up and down Askew, Uxbridge and side roads for most of a boiling saturday and sunday. The road diversion they put in place was a nightmare journey for some of you, with one tweeter saying simply: "Gridlock in Shepherd's Bush at junction of Askew Rd. Do not take diversion!". Wise words. The best thing is to ignore the diversion sign for Askew Crescent and go down Percy Road instead if you're trying to get either to or from Askew Road to Uxbridge Road.

I first noticed a distinct lack of water pressure on Saturday morning, rang Thames Water only to be placed on hold by one of their hugely irritating automated messaging thing and then rang off after 20 minutes.

When I checked their website there was no mention of any works, despite there having been there for hours according to some of your texts and tweets. There was however great big adverts on their site saying how they had full to brimming reservoirs and that we weren't going to run out, which is a plus side I suppose.

Thames Water have now updated their website at least and apparently all will be fixed by monday morning. We shall see..

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