Thursday, 15 July 2010

BBC relocates more staff out of Bush

BBC Breakfast is moving to Salford, as part of the BBC's new base in Salford Greater Manchester from which many national programmes will now be made. It means that the charecter of the Green will never be the same again for me, seeing as I do many of the personalities involved in presenting that programme and others walking across the Green on their way to White City!

But the importance isn't the relevance to me, but the impact this will have on W12. As more and more programmes exit W12 so will the staff and the creative hub that that our area uniquely is, will start to shrink. Or will it? Actually I know more people now who used to work at the Beeb and who now do the same jobs but for three times more money in the independent sector - many on contract at the BBC - than those who have stayed with the Corporation. How this has saved them any money I've no idea.

As well as this change the BBC also recently announced the wholesale redevelopment of the White City strip of land next to Westfield around Television Centre on Wood Lane. I think their plans, which will result in one of the biggest creative quarters in Europe, (pictured above) are really exciting. This, and the ongoing relocations, are sure to transform the character of this part of the Bush beyond all recognition in the coming years. Watch that space.


  1. Yes, we're losing a *lot* of people next year. 2500 people not working in the area, not spending their money here, selling their homes, taking their families with them...
    And that's just the internal BBC jobs. Then there are all the companies in the area that have the BBC as their main client.
    I'd be surprised if the new creative quarter can make up for that kind of loss.
    The BBC is the main 'industry' in our town. You see other cities devastated by the closure of their main factories / mills / offices - I hope that doesn't happen here.

  2. W12 still has great potential, even without those 2,500 BBC staff. All sorts of small creative businesses are already based here - think of Shepherds Studios - and the creative hub will only help. London will continue to be the centre for the creative industries despite the BBC's attempts to artificially engineer a move north and W12 is in a strong position to take advantage of that.

  3. Give it ten years and the next recession. They'll all be talking about centralisation of services, cost reduction of multiple hubs and will close smaller regional locations to centralise some services.

    In Manchester and London... Too embarassing to give up on t'north straightaway.

  4. IT's a bit grim and unsettling for those who live in the heart of the Green area who have put up with the construction of Westield and subsequent fallout, and the shiny artist's impression on your site is highly misleading as anyone who knows what Westfield really looks like can testify.