Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fair on Shepherd's Bush Green

Oh dear. It's back. The fair that makes our Council so much money that they don't spend clearing up the mess with is back ... the rats have already been spotted celebrating the food bonanza that will boost their ever growing numbers.

And the fairs' contribution to healthy eating for our kids is well documented


  1. The fair is horrible. Hate seeing it arrive, cannot enjoy the green in the evenings when it is there.

  2. Phew! Lucky that the Green is already in a mess from the eternal utility works.

  3. The fair is hideous.

    The whole area should be bulldozed. Including the horrid penny arcade shops opposite.

    As a resident of this area, this thing disgusts me every time it happens.

    I like fairs. I hate this scutty excuse for late night druggies to cause trouble in a public area.

  4. It shows a lack of imagination by the council and a lack of care for the residents.
    I can think of so many things that would suit the area and offer more
    a break dancing display and competition.
    a poets corner for a week
    a kids summer activities camp
    a street art event.

    Maybe its just that the fair people are the only ones that are happy setting up an event on the green and protecting themselves and their own event 24hours after all they bring their own fences too every time.