Thursday, 30 April 2009

H&F Council breed rats on Shepherd's Bush Green

H&F ResidentAs the mornings are now bright you get to see some beautiful sights on the walk across the Green and down Uxbridge Road as well for that matter as the Bush starts a new day.

But following the Council's favourite fair being here just months after it last churned up the Green I an other readers warned of the impact it would have on the local rat population. The Council is apparently very happy to take the money it makes from having the fair there but is not so happy to clean up afterwards.

And lo, it came to pass. Here are just a few snapshots of the booming rodent population you can now see every single day scurrying happily across the Green. You will notice that following their limitless supply of half eaten chicken chips and other litter which was left strewn across the Green in vast quantities these rats are quite fat. And presumably very randily making a whole new generation.

How many houses do these offspring of the council infest, or fast food restaurants along the Green? And why does *nothing* ever get done about it? Or is that all part of the glorious new low council tax utopia the signs proclaim that we live in?



  1. And when they start digging up (regenerating) the Green they will displace all these little lovelies who will have to find new the streets around. Or is there a plan to poison the rodent infestation... who knows?

  2. I'm really quite concerned at the fate of these rats in between fairs, when there's rather less for them to eat. So I'm very pleased to hear that, amongst the Council's plans for beautifying Shepherd's Bush Common, they intend to build a cafe there. At least this will ensure a regular supply of nourishing left-overs for these engaging little creatures.

    Not to mention the fact that the cafe will also taking up a sizeable chunk of the quite unnecessary and rather unsightly green space on the Common -- with the great advantage that there will be rather less to mow.

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