Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Man killed by 272 bus

A man has died as a result of a collision between him and the 272 bus. The man, who was believed to be on foot, was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken to hospital but later died. The incident happenned on the corner of Shepherd's Bush Road and Goldhawk Road.

At the time of writing it seems that someone has actually been arrested but the police are not releasing any more info. Basically it all looks a bit odd, and possibly more to it than meets the eye. The bus driver was interviewed and released.

So - first and foremost a tragedy. Whatever else transpires I shall pass on as and when I get it.

1800 UPDATE: Well, it goes to show how rumours do the rounds, it was being reported elsewhere in the early afternoon that the man hit by the 272 had died, but it now appears he is still alive but in a critical condition at Charing Cross Hospital. A lesson both for amateur bloggers but also professional journalists who really should have done better given that its their day job. It is also being reported that the reason another man was arrested was not, as originally rumoured, as a result of a stabbing but because the victim had been pushed in front of the bus.

I think the best thing that can be said at this stage is nobody really knows what on earth happenned. Including those who should.


  1. Hi Chris, I walked past about 3-4 hours after it had happened at the top of Shepherd's Bush Road. Police cordon in place, southbound traffic on diversion and suitably confused pedestrians (myself included) all around. Around an hour later, bus, police and cordon had all lifted so I was hopeful it wasn't fatal.

    There were mutterings of there being a stabbing involved but certainly not confirmed and I do hope this wasn't any more tragic than it already is.

    Bird x

  2. Are you sure?

  3. I've asked the Police for a formal statement and will post this when I get it. The danger with rumours is just that - they're rumours.

    In fairness to "Bird" I've been passed the same stories as well and after events on Askew Road its understandable people worry but as I say, I will post more facts as and when I get them. Until then - no, nobody is sure.

  4. Hi,
    For Info:
    It was a route 283 not 272. And yes the guy was pushed into the side of the passing bus.