Thursday, 29 July 2010

£5 charge for reading this blog

No, not really. But thousands of people read this blog every week - and if just a fraction of them contributed a few quid to my appeal for BLESMA - the British Limbless Ex ServiceMens Association - for whom I am running the Bristol Half Marathon on September 5th I would reach my very modest target of £150 very quickly indeed.

So go on, please chuck a few quid the way of people who have done an unimaginable amount for us and will pay for that sacrifice for the rest of their lives. And I guarantee you'll get to see a sweaty looking picture of me crossing the finishing line in return.

Can't say fairer than that guv - I should work down Shepherd's Bush Market, me. Here's a short vid of the sort of work your squids would pay for. Incredible. Please give here.

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