Friday, 16 July 2010

Hammersmith Bridge bombing remembered

The BBC is carrying a still photograph from Pathe news coverage of 1939 when Hammersmith Bridge was attacked by the IRA immediately before the war. I remember when the same bridge was attacked by the same organisation in 2000 - in fact I knew someone living in a flat almost right opposite the Hammersmith entrance to the bridge at the time whose windows were damaged!

So this is just a little historical intrest note ... think of that every time you cross the beautiful bridge!


  1. I also remember the IRA having an abortive go at Hammersmith bridge in the mid 1980s - but not explosion then.

  2. You can see the repair to the suspension chain, like a giant circlip (on the right as you cross from Hammersmith). There is a local paper report in the archives describing events, from memory a passerbye was awarded a medal for their action.....Iain Muir

  3. I have a great love for this old bridge, as I was brought up in the house on the corner of Riverview Gdns and the bridge (late 60's to late 70's). As a kid remember sheltering under bridge to let my fireworks off once. There was one cynical rumour about Barnes residents planting last device as it was so nice in Barnes when bridge was closed. One thing though......please go back to blue colours of old, that green is terrible

    Gary Brocklebank