Friday, 30 July 2010

Shepherd's Bush goes Global, baby

The BBC News Africa Correspondent has blogged on a man he met from Shepherd's Bush in Sierra Leone, West Africa and posted an audio recording of their interview. And just like the other Busher I shall be flying off this evening too, contributing to my enormous carbon footprint on my way to South East Asia again.

For I am off to the Philippines once more to work with journalists among others on peacebuilding. That country is now regarded by the International Federation of Journalists to be the most dangerous country in the world to work as a result of the number of killings that take place. For a long time it was second only to Iraq.

But there is a lot of hope for peace in both Sierra Leone and the Phillippines. So here's hoping.

In the meantime blogging will continue from afar via this new-fangled internet thingy. Adieu!

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