Friday, 3 June 2011

Stabbing in White City?

Oh god not again. I've been alerted by some of you to what looks like the immediate aftermath of another serious incident, this time of a suspected stabbing in White City. No details yet but I have put a call into the Police and will report back when I know something more.

In the meantime, as you did over the Lakeside Road shooting and Hammersmith stabbing just the other week - keep your fellow Bushers informed via the comments.

UPDATE 2355 - An eye witness has told me that the police are refusing to answer questions but that their presence is very heavy. At this stage the indications are that this is a very serious incident.

UPDATE 0003 - The BBC have been told that there was indeed a stabbing - but it was non-fatal. An 18 year old has been taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. With many thanks indeed to the local BBC hack who passed this on.

UPDATE Monday 1500 - The Fulham Chronicle has caught up with this story here

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