Monday, 13 June 2011

BBC TV Centre For Sale!

The BBC has put its iconic building up for sale according to reports today ... now that would make a real change to the Bush! Not to mention netting the Corporation a £300 million asking price.

The site is due to be empty by 2015 and of course our own Council's regeneration plan for the large area around Wood Lane looks set to transform the housing situation there too. That is not without its controversy, but what will surely be welcomed are the plans to invest in a new creative quarter in the Bush that may well take the place of the old BBC monolith.

Chris Kane, head of BBC Workplace, said:

"With high investor demand for commercial property in London and a shortage of landmark sites as distinctive as Television Centre, we anticipate strong competition for both conventional and innovative proposals."
Richard Deverell, W12 programme director, said:

"Television Centre has played an extraordinary and central role in the history of the BBC, which will not be forgotten."
Like many families in W12 we are also connected to the various creative industries in this area and I don't regard this sale as a particular threat to those, if anything it will carry on the growth in diversity we've seen here in recent years with a variety of edit houses springing up among others up and down the Goldhawk Road. I know lots of readers here are also involved in various ways with the industry .. .so what do you think?

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  1. I best book on that tour soon!