Sunday, 12 June 2011

Incident on Uxbridge Road

A large fight took place on the corner of Uxbridge and Davis Roads at 4am this morning, just over the border in Ealing past Askew Road. A reader, who lives nearby, writes:
"there appears to have been an incident where a young person, possibly a young man, has been injured: worst thoughts are that he's probably been attacked as he's lying in the middle of the road and there's no sign of any vehicles". 

"We were woken by general commotion of voices and a girl screaming but there were no other loud bangs or the like leading up to it. There's now a large number of police officers taking statements and a police corden. About 15mins after the incident happened (I made it roughly 4:20am) there was still no sign of any ambulance."
I have put in a call to Police but if anyone else knows anything, follow the usual drill and use the comments section...

1130 UPDATE - Just back from the scene - Police have told me that there was no fatality involved which is obviously a big plus, while passers by commented that the same group of men who usually fire themselves up at a nearby off-licence are suspected of being involved. We'll know for sure when we get the official line from the Police but it's clear that casual acts of violence seem to be a common problem on this stretch of the road, at least as far as local people are concerned.

What is extraordinary about this incident to me is that the detritus of the fight is actually spread across three sites - Davis Road, Third Avenue and Uxbridge Road itself. It must have been a very ugly scene indeed. Forensics are on at least two of those scenes with a forensic tent on Davis Road itself.

1200 TUESDAY UPDATE - I have received a statement from the police about the incident which suggests the assault was a non-fatal stabbing. Here is what a spokesperson told me:
"Police were called to reports of a man having been stabbed on 12th June 2011 at approx 04:25 in Davis Road, W3. 

Upon arrival, police attended a 23 year old man suffering wounds to his leg. A police cordon was put in place and LAS attended to take the victim to hospital where he was treated for non life threatening injuries.

No arrests and enquiries are ongoing. 

If you have any information relating to this incident please contact police on 0300 123 1212 or anonymously via Crimestoppers 0800 555 111"


  1. There is now a forensic tent with police guard there. I assumed that they'd clear the corden pretty quickly given that the remaining artifacts were a small pile of clothes and a few other bits and bobs, so the tent and police presence came as quite a shock to me just now.

    Will possibly be back with a photo in a few minutes.

  2. The police officer on guard has just told me that there was a "fight" and that "people were injured" but, thankfully, nobody has died. She didn't indicate whether or not any weapons were used and said that the tent was in place to preserve the scene, due to the rain.

    How things look today:

  3. Did you ever get an official comment from the police, Chris?