Wednesday, 1 June 2011

20,654 people reading 38,699 things in May

A massive month for readership in May. I'm very grateful, especially for the ever growing number of you who send stories in, including those who do so trusting that I protect their anonymity. I wouldn't get most of the stories I do here without you, especially not those that some people would rather not appear here!

If you have anything you'd like to pass on, sent it to - I guarantee confidentiality.

Sadly this month has been dominated, for me anyway, by the killing on Lakeside Road and the stabbing at Hammersmith bus station. The ensuing large scale debate among all sections of the community on this blog revealed the gulf that seems to exist between us and prompted the Borough Commander of the Police to draft a guest blog post on here.

Look out for some interesting projects in the coming month I and some of you have planned to try and bridge that communication gap using the blog. Even during the very raw moments as people debated on here about how and why things had come to pass people somehow managed to remain basically respectful of each other. That, to me, means we can build something better in W12.

Keep reading - and thanks again.


  1. Big pat on the back, Chris. Local reporting at its best. No wonder your numbers are growing.

  2. I second that, mazbe that is why this blog is the victim of plagarism so often.

  3. Sent you a couple of tips. If you decide not to use them, could you still drop me a reply to confirm that you've received them? Thanks.

  4. This is a great blog Chris - even when the news isn't always good. A big tip of my hat for your very hard work.