Monday, 13 June 2011

QPR Tiger Cubs funding boost

QPR in the Community Trust have received a major funding boost with the news that 'Global Relief Initiative' - a registered charity founded by Trustee Amit Bhatia - is committed to supporting, for a three-year period, the R's Tiger Cubs, a fully inclusive Football Club for children with Downs Syndrome (DS).

The financial support given by Bhatia - which was agreed prior to the end of the 2010/11 campaign - is set to benefit the Club by eight times than its current outreach.

Founded in 2008, the Tiger Cubs project has gone from strength to strength and is a scheme that the Community Trust, QPR and its fans are extremely proud of.

Bhatia - who has been an active ambassador of the Community Trust since its formation over two-and-a-half years ago - set up the Global Relief Initiative in 2010 to help improve and enhance the lives of people in need, particularly those who are living in socially or economically disadvantaged communities throughout the world.

The charity is grant-awarding which facilitates the making of financial and other contributions to fellow charities which, in turn, use such contributions to further and enhance their line of social change.

On the subject of his donation to the Tiger Cubs, Bhatia said:
"Myself, as well as the team at Global Relief Initiative, am incredibly proud and excited about the recent association with the QPR Tiger Cubs. 

"The work that they do for children with Downs Syndrome is exceptional and we are very much looking forward to helping them expand their support network and this opportunity to a wider population."
Trust CEO Andy Evans also took time to praise the gift from Bhatia's charity, adding:
"The beauty of working with the Tiger Cubs in partnership with Global Relief Initiative is that QPR in the Community Trust are able to provide much needed support to families and individuals within the QPR community, which is absolutely fantastic.

"Equally the Tiger Cubs are all so passionate about supporting QPR and are as excited about representing a Premier League team next season.

"Only a few years ago Football Clubs were viewed solely as teams that competed on the pitchevery weekend.

"A modern day Premier League Club does far more than that, they now have very dedicated Community Trust staff running an array of community-focused projects that are having an enormous impact in this case for children and families living with Downs Syndrome.

"This is just the beginning of a very exciting partnership and we are delighted to be supported by Global Relief Initiative."

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