Tuesday, 21 June 2011

White City regeneration to "blight" David Cameron's house

How the Prime Minister's street will look - pic from Standard
The controversy over the White City regeneration plans, which involve large scale buildings and major new housing developments, took another turn in last night's Standard when residents of Kensington, who will have the tall buildings hanging over them, quite literally, claimed that the Prime Minister's own house would be blighted by the plans.

So now there are residents on both sides of the development campaigning against the Council's plans. I think on balance we need to see the new housing but question the extent to which there will be affordable housing - the Council claims there will be but residents point out that much of that will simply be them being transferred across.

Either way the Fulham Chronicle, under pressure about it's reporting since the propaganda deal with the Council, has resolutely refused to quote anyone apart from the Council or Boris Johnson on this story thus far. I wonder if they will now respond to the criticism and present a more balanced picture.


  1. Proper papers, not Propaganda. Go away H&F News Mk II.

  2. Some "stakeholders" in the WCOA would have the number of homes doubled to 10,000 - 12,000. That would be doubling the number of people in the Shepherds Bush Green area.

  3. Get some new homes for W12. Dont listen to the pontificating of the rich and famous. After 2 minutes of the development being up everyone would get used to it and endure its presence just like our fellow londoners who also live near buildings over 6 stories. Get a grip and be real not a bunch of grumpy nimby's

  4. Argh. Several thousand new homes in Shepherd's Bush?! I'll never get a table in Wahaka now!! [/grumpy face]