Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Askew street party cancellation prompts war of words

A street party planned for Sunday 14th August on Askew Road has been cancelled prompting a blame game that seems to have resulted in the Askew Business Network withdrawing a claim they made on their website blaming the police for not providing enough support.

On their website the Askew Business Network claimed bitterly that the police could not provide enough "support" to the event and that that was the reason it had been cancelled. I was also told this directly. But when I contacted the police to get their side of the story two things happened very rapidly yesterday. Firstly I received an indignant response from the police which I reproduce below, and secondly the Askew Business Network withdrew the claim from its website.

Here's what a police spokesperson told me in response to the Business Network's claims:
"Sergeant Tracy Allison who is in charge of the Askew SNT said that she told the organiser that we fully supported the street party however we would require advance warning to arrange for police resources. He was invited to our ward panel and business watch meetings.

Chris she never at any point said we did not have resources to deal".
So I'm inclined to believe the police - and hope the Askew business networkers have learned a salutary lesson about casting public aspersions, because they don't end up looking very clever at the moment. 

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