Saturday, 18 June 2011

Most un-parliamentary language

I fear I may have created a monster. Local Tories have been the butt of my warped humour on several occasions due to the rantings and ravings of one of their four lettered number, who can't seem to keep his explosions of wrath off the internet. Step forward Cllr Greg Smith, who is responsible for tweets like the one above about Eurovision or the one below about Formula 1, that even started to unsettle some of his erstwhile Conservative colleagues.

Now it seems the same scrutiny has been turned on Andy Slaughter's twitter feed, or rather that of his hapless assistant Imran Ahmed, who it would appear has been the author of many or most of Mr Slaughter's tweets to the public.

His mistake was to fall for the oldest temptation for any junior assistant in the book, and not just let his boss take the all the credit for his work. Instead he decided to publish exactly the same observations as he'd sent out in Mr Slaughter's name under his own banner too, just like the ones below:

Even worse for Mr Ahmed is that he clearly hadn't predicted who might be watching some of his more profane personal tweets either, which have been gleefully reproduced on the local Tory blog for H&F. Among the gems of wisdom he has chosen to share with his followers were the remarkable use of the words "shaft", "nerds" and "shite" in one sentence, while another of his musings managed to get a reference to Tony Blair in the same tweet as an observation on what cats do to each others' bottoms.

Mr Ahmed is clearly a communications all-rounder. He is also a local blogger.

But in their enthusiasm to put the boot in the Tories can't resist getting a dig too far in either, describing Mr Ahmed as, shock horror, Andy Slaughter's "taxpayer funded assistant". Yes, he is, just like every other of the 600+ MPs have in their offices too, including Greg Hands who I believe employs local Councillor Peter Graham - so Mr Graham is funded by the tax payer during the day and then again during the evenings for his Council work. P'raps best not to throw too many stones from glass houses, eh?

Red faces all round!

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